Safety Engineering

Safety Engineering is the expertise field of the company, involving e.g. risk management, explosion and fire risk assessment and design, non-linear FE modelling and analysis or accident investigation. As for structural consultancy, services within the FEED and EPC projects are provided to implement data given in Design Accidental Load Specification into the structural design. The focus of Nowatec is to provide services within safety design to construct operational platforms in a way that will tolerate accidents. The main scope of work is functional implications of different kinds of failures of process equipment due to factors such as design, corrosion or lack of integrity. The consequences of these factors are calculated in risk analysis and results implemented in structural safety design.

Safety Design work carried out by Nowatec includes:

  • Management of Total Risk Analysis
  • Development of Accidental Load Specification
  • Fire risk assessment, CFD studies
  • Explosion risk assessment, CFD studies
  • Ventilation and gas/smoke dispersion CFD studies
  • Fire & Explosion Risk Assessment (FERA)
  • Topside global and local nonlinear structural fire consequence analysis
  • Design and optimisation of Passive Fire Protection including equipment and pipe supports
  • Topside global and local nonlinear structural explosion consequence analysis
  • Dropped object study including nonlinear structural consequence assessment
  • Ship collision study including strength assessment of fixed and floating platforms.

When requested, safety design activities will follow requirements given in NORSOK S-001 and NORSOK Z-013.

Nowatec also provides Safety Design Coordination of clients’ projects.

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