Escape Tunnels

Escape tunnels are purpose designed safety structures to provide protected personnel transitways, evacuation routes from hazardous to muster areas in the event of serious incidents involving hydrocarbon explosions and fires.

Escape tunnels are normally designed as fully enclosed high integrity blast and fire rated structures. They are designed to sustain blast, fire, high impact and other accidental loads. Fire rating is generally from H0 through H120 and in some cases also includes jet fire. Escape tunnels are designed to resist blast pressure up to several bars. They are equipped with the blast, HC and jet fire rated flexible seals in order to accommodate thermal and mechanical movements.
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Nowatec is an expert designer of escape tunnels both for offshore and onshore facilities. The following analyses are generally carried out during the design phase of Escape Tunnels.

  • Global structural analysis for ULS, SLS static condition
  • Global and local dynamic explosion and fire redundancy analysis for ALS conditions

In addition to the global and local strength analysis, joint design and joint strength calculations are performed for both welded and bolted connections.

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