Stair Towers

Stair towers are used to provide a safe, Stair tower-01stable and easy access to the working level.
They are equipped with full landing access, handrails, and non-slip stair units. In some cases, stair towers are equipped with cladding in order to protect personnel from harsh environmental loads such as wind, snow and far-field blast.

The stair towers are built of steel or aluminium materials. In case of steel stair tower, the design is performed according to Eurocode 3 and for aluminium material according to Eurocode 9.

Nowatec has carried out a large number of projects and become the expert designer of steel and aluminium stair towers both for onshore and offshore facilities. The design and strength analysis is performed for different design conditions including In-service, Lifting, Upending, Towing, Sea Transportation, etc. Joint design and strength calculation is performed for both welded and bolted connections.

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