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Nowatec delivers solutions: know-how, experience and innovative technologies to our industry clients

Nowatec is a total risk manager working in the field of structural engineering, risk assessment, and safety design.
We participate in offshore development projects worldwide and deliver Nowatec solutions: know-how, experience and innovative technologies to our offshore industry clients.

Nowatec works with customers to solve their most critical problems, optimize their development processes, or co-develop their products. Its integrated solutions enable clients to accurately simulate and refine the structural design to meet high safety demands.

The company’s contribution improves clients’ performance against project needs and time restraints. Nowatec has engineering capabilities, skilled and trained staff, and state-of-the-art software to solve complex project challenges in a reasonable cost and time efficient manner. The company’s unique combination of know-how and engineering experience turns attribute engineering into a strategic competitive advantage, with the benefit of its partners and clients.